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 My thoughts after 8 hours playing the BF3 demo.

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Holy Shit!

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My thoughts after 8 hours playing the BF3 demo. Empty
PostSubject: My thoughts after 8 hours playing the BF3 demo.   My thoughts after 8 hours playing the BF3 demo. I_icon_minitimeOctober 2nd 2011, 22:20

A bit glitchy. It is a beta after all, but I'm surprised they'd release it with all of the map glitches/holes/exploits.

My first thoughts:

I know it's just one map (Metro), but there are;

1) Too many choke points

2) Too easy for the defending team to camp the objectives

3) Too many bushes to camp and belly crawl.

4) Too much attention to how it looks and not enough to how it plays. If I've learned one thing about playing video games, games like Day of Defeat Source, HL2DM, Battlefield 2 and Fistfull of Frags prove that simple maps/structures = better multiplayer game play than highly detailed (highly cluttered) maps. In those games, the focus is on the players and the maps facilitate the game not a level designers desire to show how pretty he can make it look, all full of park benches and trees and flowers and black fencing and shit to get hung up on (another complaint I'll dive into in a minute).... By the way, in this beta at least, the graphics are not as crisp as BF2. BF3 is quite fuzzy actually. Bummer.

5) Too much gun recoil on all of the weapons up until you get to the UMP-45 (at 120,000 points/Sergeant rank). And it has quite a lot of recoil, just much less recoil than what you get to use until then to the point that a bit less recoil seems like a gift from heaven. Remeber what happened when you shot an MG in D.O.D. "Rambo"? Muzzle climb so bad it'll give you two black eyes and a broken nose. Not quite that bad in BF3, but you get the picture. BF2 has it about right. They went too far in BF3. It may have been a byproduct of them making the console game from the PC game which was there primary focus. In any case, they need to tame it down. Oh yeah, as a bonus, you get "horizontal" barrel jump as well on the heavy MG's. Bullshit!

6) The ability to belly crawl has made this game too much like C.O.D.
What a shame. Nothing worse than belly crawling campers using map exploits to rack up kills. Belly crawling also encourages teammates to lay and camp instead of going for/defending the objectives.

7) When you rank up enough to attach the underbarrel flashlight, you'll spawn with it ON every time. When you spawn, you have to remember to immedeatly turn it OFF. This is stupid. You might as well stand up and raise a red flag and yell, "Here I am fellas, spawn rape me in the ass!" It does work well in narrow dark areas as a way to blind opponents. But you have to use it in the right places and still shut it off, or the enemy will see you coming from a mile away. Go outside in a dark moonless night and tell me who is easier to see, me running down the street in the dark or the next dude running down the same street with a flashlight waving side to side in his hand?

8] When you press "run" your guy won't always run. Sometimes you have to come to a dead stop and then press "run" from a standstill. Frustrating to the point that I almost threw my fucking controller through the tv set!

9) Too much clutter to get hung up on or stuck on when all you want to do is get from point A to point B. That shit pisses me off. You rarely get stuck on an object/bush/fence/bit of debris in BF2. You simply run over it with not a second thought or you easily leap over it first try. Not this BF3 beta, you are constantly trying to jump 2-3 or 4 fucking times just to get over some misplaced 3ft high fencing. WTF!?!?!? Evil or Very Mad

10) Can't mute mic spamming tards in your squad.

11) Can't invite friends into your squad. Has the menu to do so, but accepting the invite makes you crash to black screen.

12) Unlike BF2, in BF3 if you spawn as an American you only get to choose an M16. If you are Russian, you get the AK-47 if you want which is an easier gun to shoot and kill with in this game. Unfair advantage if you are Russian team.

13) If you throw a grenade while crouched or on your belly in the bushes, the grenade will fall right back on top of you and you'll suicide. So you can crawl/walk/run/shoot through bushes but a grenade can't penetrate it? Really? By the way, you can only throw a nade about 15 feet. What, are they made out of fucking iron?

14) The sounds in BF3 seem muted compared to the crisp sounds in BF2. Too bad, the sounds in BF2 are a big part of what make BF2 superior to C.O.D., especially the crap sounds in Black Ops.

15) -The medics Defib does not work 95% of the time. As a Medic/Healer, this is unsettling. Are you trying to discourage healing and turn BF into a CoD clone? And if you choose to spawn as an assault, you ARE the medic! Unlike BF2, there is no specific medic class. Just assault (who also drops medic and can revive), sniper, support (machine gunner who can drop resupply ammo) and engineer. Uh, shouldnt the assault be the guy who drops ammo, not the MG guy? WTF do I know. Whatever.

16) Aiming down the sight is ridiculously weak. It as effective just to hip fire in 90% of firefights.

17) Your death animation is the same every time. Boring. I'd rather it was just eliminated. Don't waste my time, just give me the kill cam and let me respawn.

I could go on. I'll admit this though: The BF3 beta has changed my mind about NOT purchasing COD3. I WILL buy it now, even though it is running the same old Black OPS engine and thus is nohting more than a $60.00 Black Ops expansion pack.

The remainder of BF3 has yet to be seen so I can't write off the game just yet. Domination may be superior to Rush, and there are many more maps to be explored, including desert style where foilage will be limited and thus camping won't be so encouraged. Then there are the vehicles. Twisted Evil

That's all I've got for now. Anyone else been playing the demo? Anything else to add? Am I a whiney biatch?

Unload, I can take it!

PS. Check back and re-read this from time to time, I keep adding to the "dislike" list. Original post was up to 8 dislikes, now it's up to 13! Make that 14...15...16...17....


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Holy Shit!

Number of posts : 1503
Registration date : 2007-09-22

My thoughts after 8 hours playing the BF3 demo. Empty
PostSubject: Re: My thoughts after 8 hours playing the BF3 demo.   My thoughts after 8 hours playing the BF3 demo. I_icon_minitimeOctober 2nd 2011, 23:22

As one guy wrote on the BF3 forum:

"Good to see improvements being made quickly but there are a lot of game changes that need to be made. It's not just glitches and bugs that are ruining the fun. It feels like Battlefield has gone all Call of Duty on me. Maybe it's just the linear map and the Rush mode as well as a lot of indoor battles with players going prone-to-standing-to-prone in lightning-speed. Prone influences the realism but it's a bit of a game breaker for me with regards to campers, snipers, bush-ruffling.. if you want to head towards realism then make it a little more human-like - nobody can drop and rise from the floor that quickly and that consistently. It should be a tactical decision rather than a way to cheat physics and disappear from line-of-sight.

I've loved all the Battlefield games. I thought Bad Company 2 was near on perfect. The promised improvements in Battlefield 3 made it exciting and now I'm just disappointed with the product, unpolished or not it's gone backwards in so many ways - forwards in some ways too but it should have only gone forwards. I think the idea of trying to attract the wider network of FPS gamers and in particular the humongous COD crowd has dented the Battlefield formula big time.

I hope the vehicle-warfare, bigger maps and final polished product acts more like a Battlefield game should otherwise I'll not be buying. It reminds me of the last MOH release, that ruined any trust I had in that franchise which I also adored from it's birth. Stay away from COD and it's fans, stick to your guns, stay faithful to your very loyal community and your consistency & quality will eventually attract new consumers because COD and the lesser competition are all getting very stale, e.g. MW3 looks virtually identical to MW2 and Black Ops which were only slight upgrades of MW1 which was arguably superior to them all - it's going backwards, BF was going forwards but based on my experiences playing this beta it feels like it's taking a new path and one that isn't very Battlefield.


It can still be a very good game and will no doubt sell beautifully but if it continues in the direction it's going then my trust is gone and so will the loyalty of a lot of other fans/consumers I know. "

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Holy Shit!

Number of posts : 1503
Registration date : 2007-09-22

My thoughts after 8 hours playing the BF3 demo. Empty
PostSubject: Re: My thoughts after 8 hours playing the BF3 demo.   My thoughts after 8 hours playing the BF3 demo. I_icon_minitimeOctober 3rd 2011, 00:38

ALL OF THIS STUFF HAS HAPPENED TO ME IN THE FEW DAYS IVE PLAYED THE BETA! Some of this shit is caught on video: Getting shot from behind cover, putting hits on the enemy yet you die and he shows 100% health, getting "sniped" one shot one kill 100% health to dead in an instant by some dude with an M-16 across the map etc.

The game is only three weeks out. The cd's are packaged and in a warehouse in China. So don't count on these things getting fixed between this Beta version exposing the gremlins and your shiney new game arriving on your doorstep.


Evil or Very Mad

Perhaps a patch will fix this shit? I'm bummed!
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Holy Shit!

Number of posts : 1503
Registration date : 2007-09-22

My thoughts after 8 hours playing the BF3 demo. Empty
PostSubject: Re: My thoughts after 8 hours playing the BF3 demo.   My thoughts after 8 hours playing the BF3 demo. I_icon_minitimeNovember 4th 2011, 20:21

Although a lot of my complaints about the BETA test are still valid, much has been addressed. Kudos to Dice for listening to their customers and fixing so much of what was wrong with the game before it launched. The "domination" (conquest) gameplay is fierce, the sounds are even better than BF2 (and make C.O.D. sound quality seem as if they are eminating from your tower speaker) and the vehicles are incredible. While not perfect, I think this game will almost single handidly end the Call of Duty Franchise. It is that good.

To be more specific, I'll address each of the bugs on my list from my first post:

1. still a problem on operation metro in Rush gameplay. I have not played Rush on any other maps since I purchased the game. Conquest gameplay is so good that it has all of my attention. And the little Rush that I have played, the new gamers (ex C.O.D. types) have no clue that you are supposed to attack/defend the com stations, all they do is camp and look for random kills. I have no interest in being the only guy on the team actually making an attempt to attack/defend them on my own. Why waste my time and piss myself off? C.O.D. tards understand conquest, so it plays well.

2. Still a problem

3. Belly crawling has damaged gameplay a bit in conquest, and has absolutely ruined Rush mode.

4. Although the game release environment do look better than the BETA, it is still not as crisp as BF2. But definitely better than the BETA, which scared the crap out of BF3 fans.

5. Gun recoil has been lessened. Much better!

6. Still a problem, as addressed in #3 above.

7. Underbarrel flashlight still spawns with it on, and still blinds your team-mates. I see a lot less people running this unlock, everyone learning that it is a pain in the ass.

8. Fixed

9. Much of the getting stuck on random shit has been fixed, although there are still problems getting over low walls and fences. Hard lesson learned; sometimes too much detail to the environment hampers gameplay.

10. Still haven't found a way to mute mic spamming tards in your squad. So I just leave the squad and fill in another or run on my own.

11. Fixed (mostly). Getting a squad invite will still no put you directly into your buds squad, and sometimes will even spawn you into the opposing team for balancing purposes. Mixed bag, because team balancing needed to be addressed. But you can switch teams later when a slot opens up, just takes a bit more work.

12. Still an issue, but not a big deal once you unlock some new weapons. In reality, how many Russians are going to be carrying M-16's anyhow, right? It's part of the realism.

13. Greanade issues fixed.

14. Sounds fixed and fab-U-lous! When some dude flys a jet with the afterburner on low level over your head, you have the impulse to actually duck for cover. The sounds are that good.

15. Medic defib fixed.

16. Aiming down the sight issues, hit marker lag fixed. And having the opportunity to set what servers you want to play on and thus avoiding being put on a server on the other side of the planet has done sooooo much for most of the gameplay issues.

17. Your death animation is still the same every time, but has been shortened in length. Much better!

Vehicles are amazing, upgrades to weapons are well thought out....can't say enough about the finished product. My first instincts were right, BF3 is the best military shooter I've ever played. It was a brilliant move by them to release it weeks before C.O.D.3, the C.O.D. developers have chewed their fingernails clean off by now.

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My thoughts after 8 hours playing the BF3 demo. Empty
PostSubject: Re: My thoughts after 8 hours playing the BF3 demo.   My thoughts after 8 hours playing the BF3 demo. I_icon_minitime

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My thoughts after 8 hours playing the BF3 demo.
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