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Rest in Peace {EE}Mike in Boston. We love you and you will never be forgotten.

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 Gaming computer for $600.00

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PostSubject: Re: Gaming computer for $600.00   July 28th 2013, 12:34

The New Guy wrote:
Oh yeah. ...kinda forgot about this.

My quest for housing and income taking some precedent, of course. Razz
I am also trying to form a company for a new web-community and gameDEV, but I'll post a draft of the business plan in the members section laters.

Chemmy, Why might I be a jewish nigger?

I can still sell the components individually, but I thought to assemble for free.

In fact, if Garret still wants the deal I will be throwing in a Corsair h50 enclosed Hydro CPU cooler at no extra cost.
After making a cardboard box PC with my old Rampage 3 board (for backing data up - my RAID_0 got fucking gay on me) I have found the stock cooler of Intel's to be utter shit. I wouldn't leave that as a cooling solution to anyone, not even Fearsome. For the record, I would document all stages of building the darn thing (be it for garret or nino) for transparency - as well as install shiz like Windows 7 Ultimate (my MSDN key just worked fine on my re-install) and Malwarebytes (same deal) for free as well.

I am still technically homeless (I rotate apartments so I don't violate anyone's lease) so this extra case and hardware is eating up the little space I have in my 'office.'

But again, if the deal is not what you are looking for, Garrett, please lemme know so I can pester Nino and Alex in order to get this stuffz all squared away, for my sister is not happy about the clutter (she uses a wheelchair.)

how the fuck can you still be homeless? i remember like 3 years ago you were living under a bridge. yyou seem like a very intelligent person, you cant find a home? granted you prolly arent the easiest person to live with...but shit. you cant move in with some of your roid rage friends?

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The New Guy
Wicked Sick
The New Guy

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PostSubject: Re: Gaming computer for $600.00   July 28th 2013, 17:19

{EE}chEmicalbuRn wrote:
how the fuck can you still be homeless?  i remember like 3 years ago you were living under a bridge.  yyou seem like a very intelligent person, you cant find a home?  granted you prolly arent the easiest person to live with...but shit.   you cant move in with some of your roid rage friends?
Haha - I'll make another thread for the PC I am now building for Nino - as this one is officially hijacked.
And Yes Chem - there is a tl;dr at the bottom of this post - yah lazy basterd...

After I had a bit of rage with regards to my father, then slept under that bridge (in a jetta,) then (that same night) had to be violent with that homeless wreck of a person - I did find housing.

That was late Summer 2011; I moved in with a old friend of my mother's.
I was then placed on Seroquel, which worked well for sleep schedule and Mania - but brought me way "down."
In late October 2011 - I was asked to go to a Psych ward by my therapist for suicidal ideation. I did not realize that agreeing to go into that program meant I sold my soul and freedom to a Psychiatrist who never knew me - but w/e - it was a positive experience; Lamictal was then prescribed to help stabilize my mood and give me an edge to keep it "normal." I felt better, but I was not let out as soon as I should have been; however, the nurses were hot and cool, so I got over it.
My roommate throwing a blanket over his face/body and masturbating nonstop was kinda a downer tho ... yep.

I got out. And the new medication regiment helped me quite a bit.
I was on the Dean's list at school and everything; the situation was good and productive for me.

Shelly - my landlady - eventually lied in saying how she was selling the house (now a year later - July 2012)
She was not selling the home, but just was uncomfortable with having me on the same floor.
The other roommate tried hitting on her in fall/winter 2011, or so my mother said. I believe it; the guy was weird, and it made the atmosphere weird.
After he was kicked out, the underlying assumption was that I would get the more private/spacious room in the basement and pay $500 (I was paying 400 for just a room upstairs,) but Shelly had an old friend of hers move in for free.

They would constantly occupy common areas of the house, like the kitchen, and I had to move about a lot with the multitasking I would do. And someone with a personality disorder like my own cannot be expected to just stand in the presence of older people that I have nothing to speak of with. I used my phone as a timer for food situations, but they were old/scared at things like how I would brush Olive Oil on my George Foreman grill then leave the room as it preheated for 2 minutes. John-Henry (the new other-roommate) would be scared that a stainless steel George Foreman could catch fire when I left it alone for those 2 minutes (I gotta cook my chicken breasts man.) I cleaned it every time in that damn sink right in front of them - but w/e. Other similar issues would spring up from other forms of their ignorance.

So I am kicked at the end of June of 2012. All of my friends fake on me, again, except for this guy David who lived with his mother in a huge (but broken and run/down) house at the foot of Sugarloaf Mountain. This new landlady would eventually go crazy. She never took initiative to speak to me directly, rather using her son - my friend since I was 5 - as a proxy. She would later go around me and speak to my parents as they tired to visit, and even showed up at my father's place to talk about me. Never coming into the area she let me occupy and speaking directly about any issues.

I was paying rent and everything was fine. That is, except for the vicious divorce my parents are going through and the revelations that my father had issues with "rage" as I did. Apparently he even, allegedly, tired to rape his sisters and my mother's sister at one time. Aside from that, it seems he had, allegedly, cheated with around 30 women over the course of the 30 year marriage. I do believe there is truth in all of that, for my mother is not known for creative intelligence and she does NOT have the ability to lie to me. I was even listed as a witness for my mother - so you can imagine how Miss Tina (David's mother, my landlady) should NOT have spoken with him. He didn't tell me crap till after she evicted me.

Which she posted suddenly and even fabricated a "first notice" that was posted at the top of her stairs - not my room/area - her stairs.
That happened on May 30th 2013. She had even spoken to a lawyer before speaking to me and waited for David to be on vacation before she "posted" anything.
Paranoid and overly heretical christian cunt. More to the story, including a homeless outreach non-profit call People Encouraging People, but I am done for now.

tl;dr - I got housing, twice, but was lied to both times and ingeniously kicked out of the two situations by old/lamer women. I am currently applying for Maryland Rental assistance ( I get $700 a month in Social Security SSI payments) and looking for a studio apartment for 600$ rent. My roid-rage friends abandoned me in both cases of sudden eviction. My family is also more fucked up than I thought with cases of violence and incest that I was not privy to or aware of growing up - at all. As a result, my school performance suffered since Fall 2012. Things are getting better though. When I get my degree in communication and grow this company thingy - I shall be far from homeless.
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Gaming computer for $600.00
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